Diablo 3 Game Map

I built this Diablo 3 Game Map so one could easily search for zones and get a visual overview of how things connect and where the closest waypoints are. I recommend using the PDF version as it supports search, but you can also select the image version if you simply want a snapshot. I am aware many events / random areas are missing; please comment on this page with any additions or corrections; if you do provide an addition, please make sure you let me know what zone it is in or connected to. Thanks!

Current Version: 1.00
Last Edit Date: June 23, 2012

PDF Version

Diablo 3 Game Map PDF with Search Support




JPG Version



Diablo 3 Game Map – Act I

Act I


Diablo 3 Game Map – Act II



Diablo 3 Game Map – Act III


Diablo 3 Game Map – Act IV