Path of Exile Game Map

I built this Path of Exile Game Map so one could easily reference the dangers of each zone with a visual representation of damage, resistance and special attack types. The map also shows where quests are completed, where bosses are, and how the areas are connected. I recommend using the PDF version as it supports search, but you can also select the image version if you simply want a snapshot. Please comment on this page with any additions or corrections; if you do provide an addition, please be specific on the zone, etc. Thanks!

Current Version: 1.01
Last Edit Date: June 20, 2013

PDF Version

Path of Exile Game Map PDF with Search Support


JPG Version


Path of Exile Game Map Legend
Path of Exile Game Map Legend

Act I

Path of Exile Game Map - Act I
Path of Exile Game Map – Act I

Act II

Path of Exile Game Map - Act II
Path of Exile Game Map – Act II


Path of Exile Game Map - Act III
Path of Exile Game Map – Act III
  1. Nice work, I have this info ingrained from leveling so many characters but I could see this really helping newer or casual players. The main suggestion I have is some kind of marker for mobs that do an AOE Chaos DOT. You could actually substitute the poison arrow marker for this, since poison arrow is covered under this category. The reason I suggest it is it can be one of the more dangerous mob types for players with low chaos resistance. Mobs that produce AOE Chaos DOT’s: Undying Alchemists, Shaggy Monstrosities (these can be really dangerous at low level and deserve markers), Rhoa Bosses, and anything w/poison arrow. There may be more I’m forgetting but those are the main ones.

  2. Ahh yah I was thinking about that as I encountered them, but I never had an issue with the AoE Chaos that wasn’t poison arrow. I did mark the Undying Alchemists with a high difficulty number – IMO those are much more dangerous than Shaggies, which just “hit hard”. Let me think about this – I’ve already started on the 1.01 version which has a number of corrections.

  3. I think this is fantastic work! The one thing that I think would be a great addition is… experience values 🙂 a task to collect, I know, especially since the values vary from normal/champ/rare mobs… but this is the one piece of information I haven’t been able to find recorded basically anywhere else!

  4. Yah that would be tedious; I would have to kill only 1 of each monster in each difficulty at the 100% mark. Technically I could do this by starting a new character and running the length of the game. Perhaps I might do this if I create another toon in Anarchy. It’s not a bad idea at all; it just takes substantial time. In the meantime, I am going to do a few tests in Merciless and see if there is much of a difference between the mobs. You have me curious now 🙂

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Voidbearer’s damage is fire, not cold. The flame is blue, but they actually do fire damage. There is even a thread on the PoE forums, from February 2013 I think.

  6. Nice map, and even after multiple completions I still like to check it!

    A couple of errors I noticed:
    – no A3 Catacombs?
    – the various Necromancers run different curses: you’ve missed the Ash Prophets using Flammability, & the Catacombs necros when present cast Frostbite.
    – Fellshrine Ruins copies the Hulking Titan details over Ancient Bonestalker
    – Gravicius has a few Blackguard Firemages casting Flammability backing him up. Worth noting given his fire attacks… Also I think the others are Arcmages not Archmages!

  7. Wondering if you may be working on an update as PoE is now out of Open beta and is in Full release. It has added a couple new areas which pose larger threats then what piety did.

    Some of the monsters have changed their affects to and with new monsters it adds some more danger.

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