MR. STABBY Blind Assassin Pierce Infiltrator

Welcome to the Complete Build & Leveling Guide for the MR. STABBY Blind Assassin Pierce Infiltrator. This build is great for new players, a top melee build, has great survival, is solid at killing bosses and mopping up trash, and can easily farm Ultimate with self-found drops. If you’re looking for a fun melee dual wield pierce build that uses a easily acquired blue item set and can do nearly all content including push SR50, this is the place! Note the GrimTools links are available at the bottom of the guide.

JAN 2020 UPDATE! Click here to see a detailed announcement by the Guide Creator about the issues he encountered with the Grim Dawn Community, Forum Moderators and why he moved his guides from the Grim Dawn Forums.

Infiltrators are some of the strongest yet most complex builds in the game. New players are often deterred from playing them because it’s confusing what order to take skills while leveling, and how to optimize the build at end-game. One of the reason Infiltrators are so highly rated is because they scale amazingly with the right gear, and are capable of dishing out some serious damage while also avoiding harm through a combination of methods. This build is pierce focused. It has greater damage output than the Cold Version (which I posted recently), but performs just as good. While it would have difficulty pushing Shattered Realm, the included best in slot version of this build is SR50 viable. Properly outfitted, this build rarely gets big hit spikes because of the dodge, seal, and devotion procs. It’s also fairly easy to farm some great weapons one can use prior to the end-game best-in slot (BiS), and the Blind Assassin set drops fairly often, and it’s quite easy to get the helmet recipe (for transmutation).

Not only is this build fun to play, it’s great for hardcore and can push Shattered Realm level 50!

Once again, I’m going to extend all credit to Reinan22, probably one of the best (and most experienced) infiltrator players out there, and a great, patient and knowledgeable individual. I highly recommend visiting his twitch. He’s also fantastic at answering questions!

Before we begin, I recommend these mods to anyone playing Grim Dawn, especially new players. Note none of these mods cheat or change the core of the game – they just add quality of life:

GrimInternals (
This is hands down the best mod currently out for Grim Dawn. Automatic component pickup and monster name/labeling with legendary drop Sound FX are just a few reasons why every Grim Dawn player should have this.

GD Item Assistant (
This mod allows the player to store an unlimited number of items they find. This is fantastic because it supports “account building” with extending storage to be anything the player feels is important in the future or for another build.

Item Color Filter (
A fantastic visual modifier to the game that shows item prefixes and suffixes in colors based on their damage/resist/skill type. Extremely popular and valuable. Note this is for the WanezGD Tool, which auto-installs and manages the rainbow filter. Download the setup.exe for the Tool.

Resistances are everything in Grim Dawn. If you die, it’s probably because your resists were low. Below is a list of recommended components that are commonly used throughout the leveling process:

Components List

  • 7: Wardstone | 7% Elemental, 15% Bleed Resistance | Amulet & Medal
  • 15: Silk Swatch | 18% Pierce & Bleed Resistance | Shoulder, Chest & Leg Armor
  • 15: Imbued Silver | 20% Chaos Resistance & 15% Bleeding Resistance | Mainhand/Offhand (Toggled Item Skill)
  • 15: Purified Salt | 20% Aether Resistance | Mainhand/Offhand (Toggled Item Skill)
  • 15: Antivenom Salve | 20% Poison & Acid | All Armor
  • 15: Unholy Inscription | 10% Vitality, 15% Bleeding | Hand Armor
  • 20: Runestone | 12% Aether & 12% Elemental Resist | Head Armor
  • 20: Soul Shard | 20% Vitality Resistance | Ring, Amulet, Medal
  • 20: Mark of the Traveler | 8% Movement Speed & 10% Slow Resistance | Boots
  • 24: Sanctified Bone | 18% Vitality, 12% Chaos | Chest & Head
  • 24: Aether Soul | 16% Aether Resistance | Amulet & Medal

Augments are the most important thing for end-game and require honored or revered reputation with a faction to access them. Rule of thumb: as soon as you hit Honored with any faction (which will begin to happen in Elite mode), immediately buy the Writ (for 88,000 iron) that doubles your faction gain. This will help you get to Revered much quicker, and give you access to the necessary augments to help your resists in Ultimate.

Augments List
The factions a player gets Honored and Revered with first are generally: Devil’s Crossing, Rovers, Homestead, Black Legion, Order/Kymon, and Coven of Ugdenbog. I’m listing some of the most popular defensive Augments below for reference, which can greatly help in surviving both Elite and especially Ultimate.

  • 40: Arkovian Rose Powder | 10% Elemental Res | Rings/Amulet | Rovers Honored
  • 40: Slith Venom | 15% Poison, Acid & Bleeding Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Gazer Eye | 10% Aether Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Corpsefiend Tentacle | 10% Vitality Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Divine Flame | 10% Elemental Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Blessed Ashes | 15% Fire & Lightning Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Consecrated Silver | 12% Chaos Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Necrotic Flesh | 15% Bleeding Res | Rings/Amulet | Order Honored
  • 40: Chillheart Powder | 15% Cold & Vitality Res | Rings/Amulet | Order Honored
  • 70: Venomguard Powder | 15% Poison & Acid Res | All Armor | Rovers Revered
  • 70: Nightshade Powder | 7% Pierce & 10% Cold Res | All Armor | Rovers Revered
  • 70: Bladeward Powder | 10% Pierce Res | All Armor | Devil’s Revered
  • 70: Mogdrogan’s Touch | 10% Poison & Acid Res, 7% Vitality Res | All Armor | Devil’s Revered
  • 70: Kymon’s Blessing | 15% Fire Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Kymon’s Conduit | 15% Lightning Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Demonbane Powder | 7% Vitality & Chaos Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Mankind’s Vigil | 7% Aether Res, 7% Chaos Res | All Armor | Black Legion Revered
  • 70: Kingsguard Powder | 7% Pierce Res, 10% Poison/Acid Res | All Armor | Black Legion Revered
  • 70: Flameweave Powder | 7% Pierce Res, 10% Fire Res | All Armor | Homestead Revered
  • 70: Solarstorm Powder | 10% Fire Res, 10% Lightning Res | All Armor | Homestead Revered
  • 70: Wraithtouch Powder | 15% Cold Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 70: Spiritguard Powder | 10% Vitality Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 70: Spellward Powder | 10% Lightning Res, 7% Aether Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 90: Coven Warding Powder | 7% Elemental Res | All Armor | Coven Revered
  • 90: Coven Black Ash | 8% Pierce and Chaos Res | All Armor | Coven Revered

This is a new and critically important feature introduced with Forgotten Gods that allows the player to convert set items to another item of the same setAnd it works with BLUE (non-legendary) set items! The quest to unlock Transmute is given by Kargon in the Conclave of the Three. The quest unlocks after you’ve progressed to the Oasis area. The Tome is found on Canen’s Corpse. It costs 120,000 iron per transmute, and uses 1 Eldrich Essence (which is quite rare, so make each transmute count!). Luckily, a player put together a guide on Farming Eldrich EssenceRemember, if you can craft the helmet of a set, you can transmute those helmets to other pieces. This means you can craft an entire set just from the helmet recipe!

Another technique is to convert a set item to another random set item. This costs 30,000 iron, scrap and crystals (which is a lot cheaper than converting to the same set). A good example of this technique is if you want the Mythical version of a set item (but you have none, and don’t have the recipe to craft the helm), you can take another mythical set item and convert it to a random set item with the possibility of getting a mythical of the set you’re looking for!

This build actually levels rather quickly because pierce does fantastic damage. As with all melee builds, the biggest problem is usually ground AoE, which we have to stay out of. All you need to do is grab the best Dermapteran Slicers from those nasty bugs west of Homestead, and you’re solid! Just make sure you keep your resistances maxed (stun resist is very important with this build) and Pneumatic Burst up at all times (for Shadow Dance, which may be one of the best survival skills in the game). 

The component Blessed Whetstone (Level 20) is great for this build, so use it in both of your weapons as soon as possible! Make sure to slot the Behead attack as your default left-mouse weapon attack when you get it!

As mentioned, this build is great for Hardcore. Once you learn how to play and know when to run away, you’ll be very difficult to kill.

This build is designed to shadow strike into the middle of big groups and facetank bosses, but always have your movement glyph (I prefer Disorder) ready to get you out of tough situations.

It’s important to note the complete set bonus from Blind Assassin is cooldown reduction, which allows you to spam Ring of Steel and Shadow Strike more often!

Survival is dependent on dodge from Shadow Dance (through Pneumatic Burst), Vigor from Word of Renewal, and Inquisitor Seal. While it’s not as tanky as the cold variation, the quickness in killing usually compensates for dangerous situations.

Rotation for Trash: Shadow Strike into the middle of the group, use Ring of Steel and move on. If you are using 2x Dermapteran Slicers or Willie’s Razors, the bleed from the Ring will be doing enough AoE damage that most trash mobs will simply die by being in your proximity. 

Rotation for Bosses (Facetank):: Pneumatic Burst, Word of Renewal, Shadow Strike, Ring of Steel, Behead (x5 or so), then Shadow Strike, Ring of Steel, and such. Renew Pneumatic Burst and Word of Renewal as needed.

Rotation for Bosses (Hit & Run): You will occasionally encounter bosses you cannot facetank, usually due to ground-based AoE. With these baddies you’ll need to perfect the hit and run technique. Luckily, the Infiltrator is perfect for this due to Shadow Strike. The general technique (while ensuring Pneumatic Burst is ALWAYS UP) is: Shadow Strike, RoS, Behead (x5) and then warp out (using the Disorder Glyph). Run around and then Shadow Strike back as soon as it’s safe.

Final Level 100 Stat Distribution: All in Physique
Faction of Choice: Kymon


While this build focuses on the end-game Blind Assassin set (5 items) the good news is the Blind Assassin items drop with more frequency than legendary set pieces, and it’s very easy to get the craftable helm to transmute. In the meantime, the build works great with self-found items, and farming green pierce is very easy. There is only one weapon to farm: Dermapteran Slicers. These will carry you to end-game. I recommend getting replacements for each difficulty (Normal, Elite and Ultimate).

As mentioned, the Blessed Whetstone Component is a key attack skill for this build. Make sure you use it immediately at Level 20!

While leveling, you’ll find these items to be very helpful:

  • 17: Willie’s Razor (1H) (Best)
  • 20+: Dermapteran Slicer (1H)
  • 20: Blessed Whetstone (Component 1H)
  • 25: Guile (Relic)
  • 30/50/82: Steelheart Girdle
  • 31: Duelist’s Sabre (1H) (Best)
  • 35: Slaughter (Relic)
  • 50: Bloodborn Sabre (1H)
  • 50: Empowered Willie’s Razor (1H)
  • 65: Empowered Duelist Sabre (1H)
  • 70: Balgothian’s Carnage (Relic)
  • 72: Blind Assassin Gear (All)


Our goal is to make Nightblade as efficient for leveling as possible before we rush Aura of Conviction in Inquisitor (Phase II). We also want these leveling skills to shine at end-game for bossing and ultimate farming.

Phase I (Nightblade)
Dual Blades (3) → Veil of Shadow (3) → Balgothian’s Shears (5) → Pneumatic Burst (1) → Shadow Strike (1) → Breath of Belgothian (1) → Phantasmal Armor (1) → Amarasta’s Quick Cut (5) → Dual Blades (3) → Shadow Dance (6) → Night’s Chill (3) → Ring of Steel (5) → Anatomy of Murder (1) → Whirling Death (5) → Elemental Awakening (1) → Dual Blades (3) → Circle of Slaughter (1) → Execution (5) → Blade Spirit (1) → Dual Blades (Max) → Circle of Slaughter (5)

Phase II (Inquisitor)
Word of Pain (1) → Deadly Aim (1) → Word of Renewal (6) → Vigor (1) → Death Sentence (1) → Inquisitor’s Seal (1) → Steel Resolve (1) → Arcane Empowerment (1) → Aura of Conviction (Max) → Death Sentence (Max) → Inquisitor Seal (5) → Arcane Empowerment (5)

Phase III (Custom Adjustment)
Focus Areas (as needed): Ring of Steel, Inquisitor’s Seal, Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, Arcane Empowerment, Vigor, Steel Resolve

This is something very important to cover with the Inquisitor. While many builds are simple skill min/max (1 vs 10 or 12), the Inquisitor has numerous skills that need to be at a specific point to be efficient, and above that point it’s unnecessary. For this reason, as experienced Infiltrator players progress and as they get BiS gear, they remove points from key skills to buff others. The goal is to keep the Proc skills (such as Balgothian’s Shears and Execution) to their 20% level at rank 5; but this can often be achieved with just a few points (since extra points come from gear). So as you’re leveling, make sure to remove points from: Balgothian’s Shears, Amarasta’s Quick Cut, Whirling Death and Execution to keep them at 5. Take those extra points and put them into the other important skills for survival, such as Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewal, and so forth.

Important Note: you get Elemental Resist from Pneumatic Burst→Elemental Awakening, and Aether/Chaos resist from Word of Renewal→Steel Resolve. Since these two skills need to always be active, you don’t necessarily have to max your resists in Ultimate; you can compensate for the bonus difference these buffs provide while leveling! This is very important when you want to add Absorption and other critical Components to your armor, but seem deficient in resists.


Crossroads (Order) → Assassin’s Blade (Whirling Death/Inquisitor’s Seal) → Dryad (Behead) → Crossroads (Primordial) → Eel → Harpy → Assassin (Blade Spirit) → Crossroads (Chaos) → Mantis → Harp (Veil of Shadow/Aura of Conviction) → Azraaka (Ring of Steel) → Blades of Nadaan → [COLOR=”Red”] REMOVE Crossroads (Ascendant, Order, Chaos)[/COLOR] → Unknown Soldier (Shadow Strike) → Throne (1 point)

The final version of this build utilizes Mythical Blind Assassin’s set along with specific support legendaries. Note you can use the non-mythical version of the Blind Assassin’s set prior to the end-game version. The core version is great for nearly all content of the game, but for those who want to push Shattered Realm, the devotion tree needs to utilize Shield Wall. I’ve included a copy of this Grim Tools below in addition to the core recommended build.

Below are additional complete build guides you might be interested in!

  1. Hi! First of all thanks for your work you make here !!! I have a question: Can I do without the blade spirit and put the points into something else? I’m annoyed by the whirls that keep track of me xD

  2. Thanks! Well, the damage is quite important as it’s persistent DoT that makes a big difference at end-game. You could try Amarasta’s Blade Burst (for a manual cast), but other than that I’m not really aware of any alternative skill that could compensate for the loss of damage. You could look at MISS MELTY CAKES and compare the Nightblade skill trees and see if you can throw something together that might be a mix, but more focused on the pierce and cold damage of MR STABBY. Let me know what you put together!

  3. Thank you for your answer! I’ll take a look, which works as an alternative to the Blade Spirit. Maybe Phantasmal Blades with Heart Seeker? I will see… 🙂

  4. Working on leveling up this build. Did Mantis and Azraaka devotions get removed? I can’t seem to find them.

  5. Hi. Thank you for all the cool builds. I am a total beginner that uses your guides to get me started.
    I was wondering, in the devotion guide, it says: “Assassin’s Blade (Whirling Death/Inquisitor’s Seal).” What does (Whirling Death/Inquisitor’s Seal) mean? I see that sometimes there are parentheses, and sometimes there are not.

  6. Thank you for the support! What it means is you’ll bind Whirling Death to the devotion proc first – and then Inquisitor’s Seal later on when you get access to it. So choose the first listed skill and use that until you can pop the Seal in. I hope this helps!

  7. Hi. First of all, thanks a lot for this (and the other) guides! It’s an amazing resource for those of us who love arpgs but just couldn’t handle GD’s complexity sinle-handedly. That being said, why choose behead as main attack and not decapitate? I’ve been comparing both skills and to me it seems like decapitate is earlier in game, stronger, has the same cooldown and is just a tiny bit more expensive.. Am I missing something??

    Thanks a lot again!! It’s a super fun build so far.

  8. Thanks for the feedback Alex! I remember this question coming up a few months ago and I can’t remember the exact reason, but I believe it has to do with proc’ing a devotion and/or support of end-game gear. I’d have to really dive into the build again to figure it out – but it comes down to – choose what works best for your variation of the build. The person to really ask any Blind Assassin questions is Reinan22 ( He’s probably one of the best melee players in the game and he’s a hell of a nice guy – he streams daily, so feel free to stop by and chat with him!

  9. Great guide, really enjoying the build.

    Should I use Blessed Whetstone on both weapons, or is there a benefit to using something like Vicious Spikes for the second weapon, since I already get Behead from the first weapon?

    Also, once you get the Slaughter Relic, is it worthwhile to replace Behead on your default attack with Bloodbath, which appears to do more damage against more enemies (crit damage notwithstanding)?

  10. Because the build attacks so quickly, mixing different components is perfectly fine; focus on what provides good synergy with your current item setup the best. I can’t recall the specifics of adjusting the setup based on having the Slaughter relic, but if I recall behead is always the best default attack – try a few different setups out though, and see what works best for you!

  11. Hey there, new player here. I’m currently lvl 38 and have some decent green weapons at the moment. Are the Dermapteran Slicers really worth farming? They look like a massive dps drop from the stats screen. Do the +skill stats make up for it on them?

  12. If I recall, their pierce and AQC/WD bonuses make them quite good during leveling, especially with components. What you can do is farm one and see how you like it, and if you notice a difference, grab a second 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for the fast reply! I finally found a decent one and I can definitely see the difference it makes. Now it’s time to farm for another. Thanks again for the timely response and for the excellent guide you’ve created. I’ve really been enjoying your builds!

  14. Not sure what you mean; Mantis is still in the game, and even received an adjustment: “Mantis: increased Energy Regeneration to 1.5 and reduced Pierce damage to 5”

  15. at what level can i farm murderer’s cowl for the blind assassin cowl? I have the recipe and its the only component im missing but I cant seem to get one to drop from cronley’s gang – murderers

  16. Apologies, but I can’t remember any details – doing a quick google search should give you the information you need. Let us know what you find out!

  17. Hi David, I’m starting to play Grim Dawn now and your guid is a big help. Thank you.
    I just have one question, for the attributes, why put all points in physical and not in cunning?

  18. Welcome, and thanks for the support! The reason we do that is for health and survival; the build provides plenty of damage outside of putting points into Cunning. Note you can put points into Cunning and Spirit while leveling to use certain items, but around L80+ you’ll probably want to reset and go back to 100% physique. I hope this helps!

  19. Thanks for the guide, just had one quick question about the phases, do you recommend maxing out one class first or alternating between the two classes once you have them both?

  20. Morning! I can only recommend the order the guide presents as I personally used it and confirmed it with the build’s creator, Reinan. Happy Hunting!

  21. hi there, thanks for your builds and guides in this site, they are really helpful for a new player like me. may i ask whats the function of word of pain in this build? thanks again for your wonderful site & effort!

  22. Thanks for the support! If I recall, it’s used to proc a devotion; but I haven’t played in so long, I can’t remember the specifics. My apologies.

  23. Hey there, quick question about devotions. When you list one before the other, it means that I have to only drop one point in it or max the devotion out before going onto the next one? So one point in assassins blade before one point in dryad or max out AB before jumping into dryad? Sorry for the noob question, just started the game. Thx

  24. It means you want to max/fill it out UNLESS it says [PARTIAL] in that case you only put the points in the links shows. I hope this helps!

  25. Ah yea after getting the DLC I noticed the 55 devotion limit didn’t go up. I expected it too…thanks for the response despite the dumb question lol.

  26. Hey David,

    thank you for the guide.

    One question though: How can I get Blessed Wethstone at level 20?
    From what I’ve read you need to have “respected” status in certain factions to get the Blueprint – and there is no way to achieve this by the time you unlock the Dryad Devotion.

    Am I missing something?


  27. The required level to use a Blessed Whetstone is 20; it’s in the list as such because many people have other characters with access to the blueprint, however if you are on your first character, you will need to unlock access to the blueprint. The nice thing is when you get this on one character, you can craft them anytime for other characters. I hope this helps!

  28. Hi Dave, i’m at lvl 22 now with this build and I’m getting destroyed in boss fights on veteran. What am I doing wrong 🙁

  29. #1 issue in veteran tends to be resists – you want to max out your core resists (elemental, bleed, pierce, etc.) as soon as possible. I’d need to see a snapshot of your character to determine the exact issue though.

  30. Hi David, I’m at lvl 44 now and the build is absolute killer! The resists were idd an issue at the beginning.

  31. Hello! I really love your website and it really helps with builds. I’ve been playing Grim Dawn for a while but the complexities of the builds still leaves me scratching my head at times. This particular build seems to have problems with DPS if you don’t have access to the blessed whetstone or the Dermapteran Slicers. I have the level for them but I’m still slogging through. I’d recommend adding a note that this is not a good build if your just starting hardcore or the game in general. Thankfully the shadow strike and emblem of focused rage’s charge has given me good mobility to stay alive in the boss fights and grind the enemies down. But your necro skele build is doing way more DPS for me and grinding through levels faster. Just my honest opinion.

  32. I agree; Skelemancer and Bloodydots are probably the best “start with nothing” builds. MR. STABBY does really need those components to shine, but when you get them, the build is awesome.

  33. Hi David, great guides! All of them.
    Two answer for other users:
    @Cyverion Mantis and Azraaka are added in FG expansion. I also tried to replace it with something in AoM, but then just went… “oh, whatever, it is 15 bucks, one pizza”. @Chris always compare weapons holding CTRL and changing default attack to… “Attack” (not “Behead”). There is an explanation why if shows wrong numbers and t actually makes sense, but in the end you want to compare raw damage (without components, without default attack replacer). Always remember to switch it back. …And good Dermapteran Slicers have bettere DPS than any epic at the same level (go for +damage on one and +speed on the other).
    And one question from me:
    All the “on crit” trigger very infrequently (I know it depends on Offensive Ability, and I am going self-found, but still my expectation were much higher even with relatively random double rare/epic gear). While having “Living shadow” on “Shadow Strike” I’ve seen the shadow like maybe twice in 10 minutes of playing. Is it expected, or you see it a lot?

  34. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I played the build I cannot recall how useful the living shadow is – plus they may have changed it. Reinan can definitely answer your question. I recommend visiting his twitch channel here: He streams regularly. I hope this helps!

  35. Really enjoying this build, only lv 50 so far, still fairly new to Grim Dawn. It really took of once I could get a pair Dermapteran Slicers. Thanks for taking the time to create this guide, it has been really helpful. The game can be a bit daunting at first.

    (Also, I just realized who you are. I spent so much time playing the shareware version of Mordor when I was a teen. Brings back some great memories: Begging a friend who was a bit older and had an actual credit card to order the full version from the US. Waiting for weeks for it to arrive, installing it and finally getting past the starter levels, what a great time 🙂 Thanks again)

  36. Thanks a ton for the feedback! That’s a great story 🙂 It’s amazing how far Mordor spread as a shared dungeon crawler back in the 90’s. I’m glad it brought you enjoyment. Thanks again for sharing, and Happy Hunting in Grim Dawn!

  37. Hey David, love your guides. I can’t say much for the experience you had with the community, but there is a distinct lack of leveling guides there. Mr. Stabby has given me the chance to finish the game including expansions on normal for the first time. I’ll keep pushing this character and probably a few others from your site as I get more familiar with all the mechanics, and get ready for endgame builds. Honestly, slow clap for you my friend .

    On another note, there seems to be a slight bug in the devotions list for this build. The guide lists Order, Primordial, and Chaos as crossroads points, and later lists Order, Ascended, and Chaos as being removed. I’m assuming this was meant to be Primordial, but that can’t be removed anyway due to point dependencies. It seems this was the intention, as that is what the grimtools build calculator shows. Just thought I would let you know.

  38. Hey there , thanks for those guides they are really helpfull for new players !

    I have a small question about the faction choice however, I was under the impression that Kymon is better for fire/lighting and Order of Death’s Vigil is better for Cold . So how come you suggest Kymor for this one ? Am I missing something ?

  39. Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I played Grim Dawn, I cannot accurately answer this question anymore. My apologies. Best thing to do is look up the details of each faction on the GD Wiki then weigh the two. Happy Hunting!

  40. Thank you for the swift reply, I will compare them in the wiki or any other form of information I can find.
    Nothing to apologise for, it is only logical after all this time. Still your guides are helpfull even nowadays and in fact are the only actual leveling guides I can find . Again , cheers.

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