MR. ZAPPY Wind Devil Storm Totem Vindicator

Welcome to the Complete Build & Leveling Guide for the MR. ZAPPY Wind Devil & Storm Totem Vindicator. This build is great for new players, a top starter build, has great AoE and solid single-target damage, and can easily farm Ultimate with self-found gear. If you’re looking for a fun electrical zapping build of death that is solid even without best in-slot (BiS) gear and can do nearly all content, this is the place!

JAN 2020 UPDATE! Click here to see a detailed announcement by the Guide Creator about the issues he encountered with the Grim Dawn Community, Forum Moderators and why he moved his guides from the Grim Dawn Forums.

The GrimTools link is available at the bottom of the guide.

I recently leveled three different Vindicator builds to end-game to find a solid build that would allow any player to get to end-game on self-found gear. The previous two versions were too squishy to be considered top starter builds or even “fun” for most players. However, this build finally made the cut. It’s a solid combination of DPS and defensive capability, and I took this build to 100 with no deaths. It rocks.

Vindicators (Shaman + Inquisitor) are greatly loved by many players because of their high damage, but they can be quite squishy if attention isn’t focused on defense, especially prior to acquiring end-game BiS grear. With a focus on Lightning Damage, the Storm Totems have some of the best AoE in the game while Wind Devils provide great RR (resist reduction). This build also uses Storm Box of Elgoloth and Rung of Hagarrad for extra damage, support, and defense. You’ll fly through the content and delete bosses during the leveling process; and it’s quite easy to get lightning-supportive gear while zapping your way through the story.

This build is solid for Hardcore play to 100 (if you want to pursue the Achievement), but requires substantial Hardcore experience to complete end-game bosses.

I researched (and tried) a number of Vindicator builds, but this one stood out because of it’s defensive use of Rune of Hagarrad. The build reference that enticed me to create this build, take it 100, and make this guide was shared by Reddit User TheIraqiMaestro. I also want to say thanks to Sauroc on Twitch; he also provided feedback and support while creating this build.

Before we begin, I recommend these mods to anyone playing Grim Dawn, especially new players. Note none of these mods cheat or change the core of the game – they just add quality of life:

GrimInternals (
This is hands down the best mod currently out for Grim Dawn. Automatic component pickup and monster name/labeling with legendary drop Sound FX are just a few reasons why every Grim Dawn player should have this.

GD Item Assistant (
This mod allows the player to store an unlimited number of items they find. This is fantastic because it supports “account building” with extending storage to be anything the player feels is important in the future or for another build.

Item Color Filter (
A fantastic visual modifier to the game that shows item prefixes and suffixes in colors based on their damage/resist/skill type. Extremely popular and valuable. Note this is for the WanezGD Tool, which auto-installs and manages the rainbow filter. Download the setup.exe for the Tool.

Resistances are everything in Grim Dawn. If you die, it’s probably because your resists were low. Below is a list of recommended components that are commonly used throughout the leveling process:

Components List

  • 7: Wardstone | 7% Elemental, 15% Bleed Resistance | Amulet & Medal
  • 15: Silk Swatch | 18% Pierce & Bleed Resistance | Shoulder, Chest & Leg Armor
  • 15: Imbued Silver | 20% Chaos Resistance & 15% Bleeding Resistance | Mainhand/Offhand (Toggled Item Skill)
  • 15: Purified Salt | 20% Aether Resistance | Mainhand/Offhand (Toggled Item Skill)
  • 15: Antivenom Salve | 20% Poison & Acid | All Armor
  • 15: Unholy Inscription | 10% Vitality, 15% Bleeding | Hand Armor
  • 20: Runestone | 12% Aether & 12% Elemental Resist | Head Armor
  • 20: Soul Shard | 20% Vitality Resistance | Ring, Amulet, Medal
  • 20: Mark of the Traveler | 8% Movement Speed & 10% Slow Resistance | Boots
  • 24: Sanctified Bone | 18% Vitality, 12% Chaos | Chest & Head
  • 24: Aether Soul | 16% Aether Resistance | Amulet & Medal

Augments are the most important thing for end-game and require honored or revered reputation with a faction to access them. Rule of thumb: as soon as you hit Honored with any faction (which will begin to happen in Elite mode), immediately buy the Writ (for 88,000 iron) that doubles your faction gain. This will help you get to Revered much quicker, and give you access to the necessary augments to help your resists in Ultimate.

Augments List
The factions a player gets Honored and Revered with first are generally: Devil’s Crossing, Rovers, Homestead, Black Legion, Order/Kymon, and Coven of Ugdenbog. I’m listing some of the most popular defensive Augments below for reference, which can greatly help in surviving both Elite and especially Ultimate.

  • 40: Arkovian Rose Powder | 10% Elemental Res | Rings/Amulet | Rovers Honored
  • 40: Slith Venom | 15% Poison, Acid & Bleeding Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Gazer Eye | 10% Aether Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Corpsefiend Tentacle | 10% Vitality Res | Rings/Amulet | Devil’s Honored
  • 40: Divine Flame | 10% Elemental Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Blessed Ashes | 15% Fire & Lightning Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Consecrated Silver | 12% Chaos Res | Rings/Amulet | Kymon’s Honored
  • 40: Necrotic Flesh | 15% Bleeding Res | Rings/Amulet | Order Honored
  • 40: Chillheart Powder | 15% Cold & Vitality Res | Rings/Amulet | Order Honored
  • 70: Venomguard Powder | 15% Poison & Acid Res | All Armor | Rovers Revered
  • 70: Nightshade Powder | 7% Pierce & 10% Cold Res | All Armor | Rovers Revered
  • 70: Bladeward Powder | 10% Pierce Res | All Armor | Devil’s Revered
  • 70: Mogdrogan’s Touch | 10% Poison & Acid Res, 7% Vitality Res | All Armor | Devil’s Revered
  • 70: Kymon’s Blessing | 15% Fire Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Kymon’s Conduit | 15% Lightning Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Demonbane Powder | 7% Vitality & Chaos Res | All Armor | Kymon’s Revered
  • 70: Mankind’s Vigil | 7% Aether Res, 7% Chaos Res | All Armor | Black Legion Revered
  • 70: Kingsguard Powder | 7% Pierce Res, 10% Poison/Acid Res | All Armor | Black Legion Revered
  • 70: Flameweave Powder | 7% Pierce Res, 10% Fire Res | All Armor | Homestead Revered
  • 70: Solarstorm Powder | 10% Fire Res, 10% Lightning Res | All Armor | Homestead Revered
  • 70: Wraithtouch Powder | 15% Cold Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 70: Spiritguard Powder | 10% Vitality Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 70: Spellward Powder | 10% Lightning Res, 7% Aether Res | All Armor | Order Revered
  • 90: Coven Warding Powder | 7% Elemental Res | All Armor | Coven Revered
  • 90: Coven Black Ash | 8% Pierce and Chaos Res | All Armor | Coven Revered

This is a new and critically important feature introduced with Forgotten Gods that allows the player to convert set items to another item of the same setAnd it works with BLUE (non-legendary) set items! The quest to unlock Transmute is given by Kargon in the Conclave of the Three. The quest unlocks after you’ve progressed to the Oasis area. The Tome is found on Canen’s Corpse. It costs 120,000 iron per transmute, and uses 1 Eldrich Essence (which is quite rare, so make each transmute count!). Luckily, a player put together a guide on Farming Eldrich EssenceRemember, if you can craft the helmet of a set, you can transmute those helmets to other pieces. This means you can craft an entire set just from the helmet recipe!

Another technique is to convert a set item to another random set item. This costs 30,000 iron, scrap and crystals (which is a lot cheaper than converting to the same set). A good example of this technique is if you want the Mythical version of a set item (but you have none, and don’t have the recipe to craft the helm), you can take another mythical set item and convert it to a random set item with the possibility of getting a mythical of the set you’re looking for!

I believe this is one of the fastest leveling builds in the game. Your Totems and Wind Devils decimate everything around you, and the general technique is to drop them and run off while they murder the entire screen. Lightning equipment drops like crazy, so it’s easy to consistently raise your damage as you level. The build can be tanky as well with Word of Renewal, Inquisitor’s Seal and Windigo Totem all working in unison; but for those nasty bosses you just can’t keep up on the damage, kiting is a requirement (as is a movement Glyph). The good news is your Wind Devils love to chase every living thing, and your Totems will shock anything in their proximity all while your Storm Box continually zaps tagged targets.

I found you only have to start being careful when you reach Ashes of Malmouth on Ultimate (which is where most builds have to stop being so reckless and be more cautious). Prior to that time, I felt bad for my poor electrocuted victims. They didn’t have a chance.

For clarification, this build is not recommended for new Hardcore players because it can be very difficult to mitigate incoming damage from heavy hitting bosses or groups of bosses later in Ultimate.

The General Play Technique is to set up your totem and cast Wind Devil from a distance, stand in your seal within proximity of your Windigo Totem and keep your Totems and Devils up until all rushing monsters are dead. It’s that simple. And they die very quickly.

Survival is dependent on using your Inquisitor’s Seal, Windigo Totem and Word of Renewal. But in addition to that, we also have our Rune of Hagarrad (RoH), which applies cold damage, slows the target for 5 seconds, and also reduces their defensive ability (while also having a chance to freeze them). This is awesome for boss or large group control. In Ultimate, you’ll constantly be living in your seal, enjoying the warming pulse of your Windigo Totem while your Storm Totem and Wind Devils murder everything rushing your safe space as your Runes trigger every 5.5 seconds.

Rotation for Trash: Since we are a Vindicator, we are bit squishy, so it’s good practice to toss the Seal at your feet then throw down a Storm Totem and Wind Devil in the direction of the trash. Generally, that’s all you need to do.

Rotation for Bosses (Facetank):: WoR, Seal (at your feet), Windigo (at your feet), Storm Totem (direction of boss), Devil (direction of boss), RoH (at your feet), Storm Box (on boss), Storm Totem (direction of boss), Devil (direction of boss), repeat.

Rotation for Bosses (Kite): You will occasionally encounter bosses you cannot facetank. Since you’re a fairly squishy caster, you must kite these baddies. You want to get your Storm Totems and Wind Devils down as soon as possible while always having a Tethered Storm Box on the target. You can drop Runes of Hagarrad strategically account for the 1.5 second arm time. Sadly, Windigo Totems and Seals are rarely useful when kiting, so focus on damage and running in big circles to stay alive.

Final Level 100 Stat Distribution: All in Physique
Faction of Choice: Kymon


While this build focuses on the end-game Light’s Defender set (4 items), it’s fairly easy to find, and in the meantime there are tons of green and blue electricity damage and defense self-found items that can be substituted until the player is able to craft a set, or finds the pieces. The Yeti Horn (found off Yeti’s as your go through the Asterkarn Road) is an easy to farm alternative offhand item that allows for an additional Wind Devil and lowers the cooldown time to cast. The Groble Sky Effigy is also a great offhand that allows for an additional storm totem and lowers the time to cast. New characters can obtain this from Narbargal, the Stormseeker, just south of Ulgrim.

While leveling, you’ll find these items to be very helpful:

  • 12-94: Groble Sky Effigy (OH) Storm Totem Support
  • 20: Yeti Horn (OH) Wind Devil Support
  • 22: Stormcaller’s Spellblade (1H)
  • 25: Squall (Relic)
  • 25: Glyph of Arcane Insight (Medal) Escape
  • 30/50/82: Stormguard (Shield)
  • 30: Veil’s Edge (1H Axe)
  • 33: Sacred Hammer of Eteral Wrath (1H)
  • 42: Thundertouch Bracers (Hands)
  • 50: Valdran’s Mantle (Shoulders)
  • 50: Segarius’ Sacred Blade (1H) (L20 too)
  • 50: Desolation (Relic)
  • 58: Empowered Stormcallers Spellblade (1H)
  • 58: Crystallum (1H)
  • 60: Eye of the Storm (Relic)
  • 65: Empowered Cleansed Blade of Elgoloth (1H)
  • 65: Skybreach Bulwark (Shield)
  • 75: Light’s Defender Armor (All)
  • 90: Stormsurge Pistol (1H Blueprint Craft)
  • 90: Aetherbolt Pendant (Amulet) Coven Blueprint



We first get our Wind Devils and Storm Totems up and running; once Storm Totem is maxed out, we’ll plow through content as we add the support from Inquisitor and rush Aura of Censure. We’ll then touch up key skills for damage and survival.

Phase I (Shaman)
Devouring Swarm (9) → Remove Swarm → Wind Devil (1) → Mogdrogan’s Pact (1) → Heart of the Wild (1) → Raging Tempest (10) → Windigo Totem (1) → Oak Skin (1) → Storm Totem (Max) → Maelstrom (Max)

Phase II (Inquisitor)
Storm Box (1) → Rune of Hagarrad (1) → Word of Renewal (1) → Deadly Aim (1) → Biting Cold (1) → Lightning Tether (1) → Vigor (1) → Inquisitor Seal (1) → Steel Resolve (1) → Null Field (1) → Chillsurge (1) → Arcane Empowerment (1) → Artifact Handling (1) → Aura of Censure (Max)

Phase III (Mixed)
Word of Renewal (6) → Inquisitor Seal (6) → Wendigo Totem (Max) → Deadly Aim (6) → Storm Box (13) → Biting Cold (Max) → Steel Resolve (6) → Heart of the Wild (7) → Lightning Tether (9) → Deadly Aim (Max)

Touch up the rest as you see fit!


Crossroads (Eldrich) → Bat (Wind Devil/Storm Totem) → Crossroads (Ascendant) → Throne → Scholar’s Light → Rhowan’s Crown (Storm Totem/Wendigo Totem) → Viper → Crossroads (Primordial) → Widow (Storm Box) → Tempest (Inquisitor Seal) → Remove Crossroads (Ascendant, Eldrich, Primordial) → Crossroads (Order) → Lotus → Harp (Aura of Censure) → Chariot (Mogdrogan’s) → Remove Scholar’s Light & Crossroads (Order) → Crossroads (Primordial) → Ultos (Wind Devil) → Dryad (single point)

The final version of this build utilizes the Light’s Defender armor set with additional non-set legendaries for sword, shield, pants, boots and jewelry. The only green is the belt, which can be quite flexible. I’m also including two alternative builds, but they are different skill and devotion (and even play style) setups from this guide, however I think it’s important to include them since they’re each Vindicator builds, showing the diversity of this class build as it relates to using Storm Totems, Wind Devils and Electrical damage. 

Below are additional complete build guides you might be interested in!

  1. Thanks for this guide, the build is very fun. Playing this game for the first time and it’s very helfpul.

    What should I be putting attribute points into? I’ve been going with spirit so far.

    Also, for the devotions… I’m totally lost. What is Crossroads (Eldrich)? When you say Bat, should I complete the entire constellation?

  2. You’re welcome – I’m glad you’re enjoying it!
    Under leveling: “Final Level 100 Stat Distribution: All in Physique”
    Crossroads are the center (starting) devotion points – each color represents a class (Eldrich, for example, is green). You can confirm this by moving your mouse over the legend on the left side. And yes, you want to complete the complete constellation unless it says [PARTIAL] then you want to follow what’s in the GrimTools.
    I hope this helps!

  3. Your guide and builds are awesome and a huge help for a beginner like me.
    But I dont understand “Locust (9) → Remove Locust “.
    I can´t find a skill with the name Locust in the Shaman tree and how can you remove points from a skill and also from devotions?

  4. This build was fantastic until the latest update. I got further faster than I’ve ever managed to get before. (I’m a relative noob to GD.)

    Yesterday, I was killing everything in sight. Today, I can’t go anywhere without the monsters kill me dead. I’m at level 46 and have just arrived on Asterkam Road.

  5. Thanks! Oops! Fixed. It’s Devouring Swarm; sorry – I always called it Locust since the image is a grasshopper heh. Sorry for the confusion!

  6. Thanks for the fast reply, thought as much but better safe then sorry. 😉

    Still don´t know how I can remove point from a skill tree and/or devotion?

  7. Still don´t know how I can remove point from a skill tree and/or devotion?

    The Spirit Guide in Devil’s Crossing or Coven’s Refuge (he moves there when you unlock the AoM content). He’ll let you take points out of your skills and devotions one at a time. He’s the guy with the little book above his head.

  8. I’m not sure if this is a mistake but can you explain the use of Censure over Conviction please. New to GD sorry.

  9. Not a problem! The strongest aspect of Aura of Censure is the resistance debuff (-35% at 17/12). This is a HUGE damage boost against all targets. Aura of Conviction simply doesn’t provide any debuff. I hope this answers your question!

  10. Hi there, thanks for the guide. I’m a little confused as to what the numbers next to the skills represent? Is that the amount of points we invest to that skill? Cause on top you say to max out Wind Devils and Storm Totems, but there’s a “1” next to Wind Devils. Thanks again.

  11. Ahh, thanks for the reminder! If I recall the initial version had Wind Devil maxed, but when I took it to 100 and looked at similar builds, it made sense to put the points elsewhere. With GrimTools down, I can’t look at the end-game build, but if I recall, we don’t max Wind Devil out (the damage just isn’t worth putting the points there, so we put them elsewhere). When GT is back up, I can check and see if the end-game version maxes WD – but if I recall, it’s just 1 point.

  12. Thank you for the guide! By the way, is this build viable for crucible and SR farming?

    Also, do you happen to know any Vindicator build which utilises the Ultos set?

  13. Thanks! I would think with BiS gear you could get to SR50 (perhaps 75?) and I believe I’ve seen people do Crucible 150+ with this (or similar) builds, but I haven’t personally tried with this build. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with any Vindicator builds that use the Ultos set.

  14. Can you reupload the grimtool build? It’s not working anymore and I would love to try it out in Forgotten Gods 🙂

  15. Stormcaller’s Spellblade — level 22 is pretty nice. 40% Lightning damage and 50% Electrocution damage and +2 to Wind Devils

  16. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Arcane Storm is a good interim item until you can find/craft the Light’s items. I look forward to hearing how the BiS hunt goes!

  17. Good god Grand Priest Zarthuzellan just tore me a new one. Went from rolling comfortably (in ultimate) to flat stop. No matter what I try, he decimates me in seconds. Bleh. I was playing this game too much anyway.

  18. I recall him being difficult, but can’t remember the details – are your resists maxed, and what’s your Defense and HP? I assume this is in Ultimate?

  19. Ultimate, yes. Maxed fire, chaos, vitality for the fight. Suffering on pierce, bleed and acid. A level 87 my HP is at 9.4k, defense 2137. I have a feeling that defense is too low at least. Not that I can make a dent in Zarthuzellan either.

  20. None. I just forgot that I had _not_ followed the guide on them. Teaches me for thinking. Simply redoing them the way you suggest made a big enough difference to keep me alive, and then it was just a matter of attrition.

    I also stopped using the Arcane Storm’s active attack on LMB as it was severely hindering my mobility. Burst DPS went down a bit, but storm totem hits hard enough that it doesn’t really matter.

  21. To touch up on resistances as I was getting pummeled in Malmouth I decided to try to get some faction reps up from forgotten gods. Well, I ended up finishing FG. It was rough. Father Kymon and Manifestation of Korvaak were not exactly doable. I think I died close to 50 times to Korvaak before he finally graciously exploded.

    Still no Light’s Defender, running on mythical Eastern Robes & pants and a various collection of semi-decentish legendaries (Allagast’s Stormbringer & Stormgem, Stormbearers, Valguur’s Gems, Mythical Storm Shepherd) and epics. Resists nearly maxed, most overloaded. I ran into one Nemesis (Grava’thul) who simply tore me apart so staying away for now. But now I only get pummeled by bosses in Malmouth. So there’s that. And level 100. 😀

  22. Thanks! Not sure, I still had Malmouth to finish. Got that done and ran a single run through Crown Hill and Fleshworks to try it out. Seems that it’s a doable route, died a few times to the Master, but nothing overall a pretty quick run. Don’t know if I’ll end up farming for any BiS, it does seem like quite a long endeavor.

  23. Thanks for this guide! Super helpful for a first timer like me and also a lot of fun. But I’m a bit stuck at father Kymon in fg.. I’m level 87 with a the proper devotion setup, with max resistances and 1900 in DA, 1550 in armor rating and 10.7k health. Any help would be much appreciated : )

  24. The most important part is to have maxed resistances. 2000 DA is “ok” but not great if you’re doing Ultimate Kymon. My guess is you have one or more resists below max and that’s where he’s hitting you. Did you verify your devotions are properly set? There was another player who had the exact same problem with this build and he realized he didn’t have the right Devotion setup – when he changed it, he downed Kymon with ease. Let me know if any of this helps!

  25. i got him and korvaak in ult after dying some 30 times :D. I had all maxed resistances. I guess my gear was just too bad? I had the light defender set, not mythical though..

  26. Korvaak is one of the nastiest bosses in Ultimate. I’d really have to test it myself to figure out where the deficiency is – another player had the exact same problem but was able to solve it (scroll up, it should be in the comments). Sorry I can’t be of more help, I haven’t played ZAPPY in a long, long time… 🙂

  27. After managing to scrounge together Allagast’s Masterpiece ( and crafting an Aetherbolt Pendant, I managed to take out Lokarr. And the ancient of the waters. Still zero light’s defender pieces, but farming is now tolerable, if not exactly easy.

    Korvaak, Kymon and Theodin Marcell all die without trouble now. I still don’t see how someone would play this as a HC char, as damage spikes still can and do occasionally instagib me.

  28. Nice – congrats! I agree with the hardcore assessment – somebody like Rekt or Reinan could probably play it in HC, but only because they are some of the best HC players out there. The reality is this isn’t a solid HC build for most players. It’s a fun build though!

  29. This is my first char as a new grim dawn player. Only lvl 45, like the build so far. Can someone please tell me why I cannot see storm totem dps sheet dmg or tab 2. Even when setting it to my right or left click. This makes it very difficult to decide on upgrades as lvling. What am I missing?

  30. Doing a Mouseover of Storm Totem, you can see the exact damage. It’s pretty easy to find upgrades; you just look at the lightning damage improvement over your current items. But the information you need is just in the ST mouseover. I hope this helps!

  31. This is very helpful. Thanks for the tip. My concern was that a lot of my items add skill points into Storm Totem so it was not immediately clear if more lightning dmg was an upgrade. My storm totem is 23/16 right now!

    Can you say a few words about why you’ve chosen Aura of Censure over Stormcaller’s Pact? Appreciate the guide and active responses btw.

  32. Hi, what’s the point of having a single skill point in Oak Skin? This build seems pretty solid, but I just can’t make sense of that one part. Thanks! 🙂

  33. Morning Rasmus! We put a single point in because with BiS gear it ends up being 4 points (with skill modifiers) which translates to good Armor, Pierce, and Aether resistance. I hope this answers your question!

  34. Ah, I see, that makes sense! I’m just gonna avoid putting a point in it until I have BiS gear. Have a nice one! Love your guides btw. Very well written and easy to follow!

  35. Hi, this build is very good, but I’m kind of worried about not having enough Spirit. I keep picking up great +Lightning/Electrocution items that I can’t equip. Any thoughts on this?

  36. You can always put points into Spirit while leveling to meet the needs of stronger items, and easily reset your attribute points with the potions provided at end-game. So do whatever seems to be the best as you’re leveling!

  37. Hi mate. I’ve just got lvl 100 with this build, and think its awesome! So thanx for your work. The only thing I’d like to ask if you have thought about any updates for this build from Forgotten Gods?

  38. Hi, i have one question, i think i dont understand something. What’s the point of taking Bat in Devotions if it adds vitality dmg and our main source of dmg is lightning? At first i thought because of the Corrupted Storm but it isn’t included in build. Thx in advance for answer.

  39. It’s been awhile since I ran this build, but if I recall the most important part is passing through enemies (and added projectiles) as I believe the life leech doesn’t work with totems. Sorry I don’t have a better response, but it’s been too long for me to remember the specifics 🙂

  40. I am pretty new to this game and this is my first build.. Where do I go to farm for light defenders set pieces???

  41. I believe they are world drops; so no place in particular – you’ll just need to farm the best area you can that drops the most legendary items. I hope this helps!

  42. So what does Bat (Wind Devil/Storm Totem) mean in the Devotion section? I don’t see a specific point on the Bat constellation which refers to those.. unless you’re listing which skills benefit from this one?

  43. The final node in Bat is Twin Fangs, and you can bind it to Wind Devil or Storm Totem (Storm Totem is recommended). I hope this helps!

  44. Ah, ok, that makes sense. So when you list the Constellation like that, you’re suggesting which skill to bind the final node to. Thank you!

  45. Does this build still hold up? I saw a comment how wind devils are nerfed, but this is my first time playing and I have started down this path! Only level 10 so far, so not much time invested. I’m not trying for a top tier build but just want to play through and get to end game to see how I like the game.

  46. It’s definitely viable; between a 1-10 I’d probably list it as a 6-7 tops; but it’s fun and a great change from other builds – plus it can farm gear in Ultimate pretty well. It just runs into a brick wall with some of the end-game bosses.

  47. heey friend, first off…. thank u very much for the builds… i only played GD for 1 month but already got mr zappy and stabby to lvl 100-… love em… i was wondering if the gear set u r wearing on mr zappy is BiS ? asking because i found an amazing pair of boots and a main hand that seems like they are better than what u r wearing here.

  48. Thank you! I’ll continue with it 🙂 I doubt I’m going to be min/maxing on a first playthrough anyway.

  49. Thanks for the support! There may be better items available than the PoB BiS (since it’s over a year old) – if you find something that works better, definitely use it! 🙂

  50. thanks man… which of the builds would u recommend for farming the super bosses like lokarr? 🙂

  51. Hey! This is an amazing guide, thank you so much! Its been my favorite character I’ve played so far! Quick question though, where does the empowered stormcallers spellblade drop from? I can’t find any information on it anywhere online. Thank you in advanced!

  52. Great to hear you’re enjoying it! If I recall, the Spellblade is a random world drop, and Empowered is just the higher level (58, so Elite or Ultimate). Just keep playing and you should get one to drop! Good luck!

  53. Very late to the GD game – I’m still in the early portions of the game, so I know that there’s no difference right now – but eventually do I want to run 1H/OffH or 2H “caster” type weapons?

  54. Just got this guy to 100 and have all the gear except the legs, it’s pretty badass. I was definitely screwing around in the mid levels with the off hand, trying to make various caster off hands work cause I couldn’t find a good lightning shield, but I did have the BIS one once I hit 94, the build really was squishy before I swapped the shield in, but now is pretty easy to keep alive.

  55. Thanks for the guide! Is there a level by level guide where I can see how to distribute my attribute points?

  56. The guide has Leveling and Phase section, starting with Devouring Swarm, etc. This does show where to put each point per level. I hope this helps!

  57. Any chance you could recommend a loot filter setup for your builds? It’s the only thing I have trouble with as a new player trying out your guides. The guides are great by the way, it’s really nice that you explain the leveling process instead of just showing a final geared out lvl 100 char like they do on the forums..

  58. Do they even have loot filters for Grim Dawn? I haven’t played in so long I can’t remember LOL. You sure you aren’t referring to Path of Exile? 🙂

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